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1 in 13 people in the world has a Facebook account

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Social networking website Facebook has registered its 500 millionth account, which means when calculated  1 in 13 people on Earth (6.8 Billion est.)  has an account on Facebook, which is an amazing achievement for any website. The United Kingdom has 26 million users alone (42% of the British population). Social networking has increased dramatically from the middle of last decade to now, thanks to websites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. YouTube is not technically a social networking website but the site does have a social aspect, such as the ability to add friends and comment channels and videos.

In recent years MySpace has fallen in decline as Facebook became more prominent, mainly because Facebook appeals to a larger age range when compared to MySpace and Bebo, which targets the teenage market. Micro-blogging has been a major contributor to online activity in recent years, with websites such as Twitter arriving on the scene, which has reached an impressive 15 billion tweets this May.


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